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“move your local business computer needs to a safe harbor”

Offering solid and reputable computer repair and computer services to the greater Nacogdoches, Texas Area.

We bring the best value to both Nacogdoches businesses and consumers in computer repair and computer services.

Our team works to provide great service, increase our knowledge and provide innovation for your tech needs so you can get back to your day, not your computer problems.

NTS Monitored Computer Services Available Soon

Times change fast, technology changes faster, why are tech services the same as 1990? They don’t have to be.

Pull your technology needs out of the dark ages, and prices too… time to move ahead, move beyond!

Most computer repair shops, and not just in Nacogdoches, follow the same tired expensive methods, like an automotive tire shop, they’re break & fix…

♦ It seems like they just sit there half the time, right?

♦ Ever wonder, “Did I just pay $100 for 5 minutes?”

♦ Would it be nice to get more for your money?

There is a better way… do something clever, smarter and faster. Yes, you can buy peace of mind, very affordably.

Save that money spent on small computer issues for your much needed hardware updates… or a night out!

Become a NTS Monitored Member Client today!

Joining is the best technology upgrade you’ve ever made, tailored for the needs of Nacogdoches Businesses.

A service so good, you’ll wonder why no one thought of it before now and you’ll be glad we did!

Call Now! No really why not? 936-585-4178

NTS Business Website Services

Coming Soon…

Owning, creating and updating a website shouldn’t be a pain… for you the owner, it should be easy, modern and almost impossible for you to break.

We use WordPress, proudly!

WordPress is the best solution for almost any user from the very simple to the most complex and busiest sites in the world… WordPress runs over 20% of all websites.

If you don’t use WordPress you’re either undereducated on the topic, a fanboy of another technology or trying to make more money because you sell custom websites!

Well, there are a few more, but they’re rare, very.

Honestly, some of the best web designers know next to nothing about running a website; also consider, they have the best intentions so you end up with a sincere heap of dazzlingly information that means nothing.

Additionally, many web designers and developers know very little about business, don’t keep up with new trends and still build sites from scratch because they only know that one way… it’s not 1999.

We could go into a long diatribe but while many “web designers” mean well… well read more about our web services and give us a call…

“I highly recommend calling or going in to see these guys for any computer issue you have.”

“Great Service!—Owner/Technician was pleasant, knowledgeable, and friendly.”

“Professional, straightforward, fast, and easy to work with.”

We still offer our same services at the same old prices… so you’re welcome to not change a thing.

However, if you’re a business, read about our new monitored/remote repair services for a better IT experience and to extend your IT dollar.

Residential computer repair customers will benefit from similar new services under the Memeber Tab that have been added too, working to make your life easier!